TNMOT Tunnel
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Baretts Tunnels

Built 1851-1853 updated 1929,

These are the first railroad tunnels West of the Mississippi River

They are named for the local Station and Hotel and were built by the Pacific Railroad of Missouri

The track was originally laid as 5'6" (today standard guage is 4'8")

The chief engineer was James P Kirkwood for who the nearby town of Kirkwood MO. is named.

The track was re-guaged to 4'8" in 1869

The West Tunnel was leased for $1 per year from the Missouri Pacific Railroad then donated in 1946?

West Baretts Tunnel - 07/18/2019

West Baretts Tunnel - 08/10/2019

West end of West Baretts Tunnel - 02/15/2020

East end of West Baretts Tunnel - 10/01/2020

Column Collapse in Baretts Tunnel - 08/05/2021

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