Home of KC1533 streetcar rebuild
at NMOT.

	KC1533 as Delevered 1949 at MOT

KC1533 as Delevered in 1949 to MOT

Currently being restored in TCI Building

Built 1919 by American Car Company, Order #1227

27'10" long by 7'8" wide, 9'10" height, 4'8.5" guage

Weights 15,400 lbs, seats 28

K-63BR controller with two WH 508A motors, 220 HP total

SME (M28A) brakes, DH-16 compressor

Brill 79E1 truck

Originally Kansas City Railways #1533 (1919-1926) then Kansas City Public Service #1533 (1926-1949)

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